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I just subscribed and it seems my slideshow isn’t loading.

It could be a few things…

  1. It takes about a minute to load new photos once you save the hashtag. Leave the slideshow or “All Photos” tab open in your settings and give it just a minute or two!
  2. Only public Instagram accounts will show up in the slideshow. So if you’re tagging images on a private account, you will not see them.
  3. Check to make sure your hashtag is spelled correctly and you didn’t accidentally type a space before or after your hashtag.
  4. Did you click the option to “approve all images” and haven’t approved any?
  5. If none of these seem to be the issue, email us at support [at] instafeedlive [dot] com

Is there a way for me to download the photos that were #hashtagged during my event?

Yes, but not through us. We recommend the website statigr.am to download any photos with your custom hashtag.

Can I ban certain Instagram users and/or images from my slideshow?

Yes, when logged into your account, on the page “Instagram Feed Settings” you have the capability to ban either individual images and/or Instagram users.

Can I approve images before they are added to my slideshow?

Yes, and you have the option to allow all images with your custom hashtag to be immediately added to your slideshow. When logged in, there is a setting on the “Instagram Feed Settings” page that allows you to either approve all images before they are added to your slideshow or allow all images to be immediately added.

Is there a way to allow certain Instagram users to bypass the approval process and have their photos be immediately added to my slideshow while approving all others?

Yes. When logged in, on the “Instagram Feed Settings” page choose the option “All photos need to be approved before they join the slideshow”, then click on “All Photos” and choose “Approve User” for the users you want to bypass the approval process. The users you want to bypass the approval process will need to have already used your custom hashtag.

Can I use more than one hashtag with my subscription?

Yes, you can change your hashtag whenever you want. But, you can only have one slideshow running at a time.

Can I have more than one slideshow running live at the same time with one subscription?

No. You can change hashtags whenever you want, but you can only have one slideshow running at a time. If you want two slideshows running simultaneously you’ll need a second subscription.

Can I embed my slideshow into my website?

Yes, but not through us. We recommend the website snapwidget.com for embedding Instagram images into your website.

Can my slideshow be viewed by other people on their own computer?

Yes. Your slideshow has a public link that you can send to anyone. Just copy the url of your slideshow and send it anyone you want to view your slideshow. The url will look like this… https://instafeedlive.com/livefeednew/username

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel your subscription:
Most accounts can be cancelled by clicking “My Account” -> “Cancel” -> “Yes, Cancel My Account.”
If you have been with us for a while and paid through Paypal, please login to PayPal and cancel it from there. If you do not have access to the PayPal account on file, please email support [at] instafeedlive [dot] com and request a subscription cancellation.

If you have any other questions, please email kcampbell@stuffyoucanuse.org