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Uploading a Custom Logo:

At the bottom of your Instagram Feed Settings page, you will find the Custom Logo tool. We recommend that your logo has a transparent or black background. We also recommend that your logo be 350px x 180px or smaller so it fits the screen properly. If you have any issues uploading your logo, email us at kcampbell@stuffyoucanuse.org.

Uploading a Custom Background:

This feature is only available with our $99 Premium Subscription. Once you have subscribed to this subscription, you will see the Custom Background tool near the bottom of your Instagram Feed Settings page. Your background must be 1280px x 720px. Once your background is uploaded, it will replace all text and images on the left panel of your slideshow including the hashtag – so make sure you build your hashtag into your design if you want it displayed.

Please note that only the left panel will be visible. It’s dimensions are 575px x 720px. To see exactly what will be visible of your background image, please download this template. If you have any issues uploading your background image, email us at kcampbell@stuffyoucanuse.org.