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Affiliate Area

Let’s Make Some Money!

Want to make some extra cash? Help us promote InstafeedLIVE.com and earn 50% of every sale that comes from your affiliate link – for the life of the customer. That’s correct, every month you’ll make 50% of every subscription of anyone who used your link to set up their account. Do you know a friend that would love to have an InstaFeedLIVE slideshow at their wedding, event, or party? Give them your link and make 50% of the sale!


The benefits of being an InstaFeedLIVE.com affiliate are huge…

  • You make 50% of every sale when someone uses your link. Forever. Including recurring subscriptions.
  • You will be paid every month easily through PayPal.
  • Track the success of your links on this dashboard. You can view how much money you’ve made, how many times your link has been clicked, and even get push notifications on your phone every time you make money.
  • We give you a downloadable version of our logo under “Creatives” to help you promote.


Some Ideas For How To Promote…

  • Share your affiliate link on social media.
  • Tell your friends who are getting married.
  • Tell your local restaurants and bars.
  • Use it for birthday, graduation, and other parties.
  • Tell your church/community youth group.
  • Tell your school for dances and events.